I've loved and ridden horses for more than 30 years now, but it wasn't until I started riding with Carol Nichols that I realized how much I really get from being around horses. Regardless of what my mood is when I arrive at the stable, I'm always happy by the time I leave. Being around horses reminds me to be in the moment, and not worry about the past or the future. Horses are also incredibly honest, and because they mirror us, they tell me things about myself that I would never realize otherwise. 


I met Carol shortly after I moved to Montana in 2010. She has changed my life and because of the confidence I have gained with her, my herd has blossomed from 1 to 6 horses. With Carol I can focus on different skills sets such as dressage, jumping, endurance, and good ole trail riding. Even though I owned a horse and had been taking lessons for 8 years, before I met Carol, I did not have a clue about balanced riding! Carol’s ability to read the horse’s body, mind and spirit; as well as the rider’s body, mind and spirit AND to read them both as a whole is phenomenal. She never points out an imbalance, without giving you information on how to correct the problem. It never matters if my imbalances are caused by my M.S., poor muscle memory, poor previous instructions, or my own fears and emotional issues. Carol has addressed any and all obstacles to date and we keep on growing! My neurologist is amazed with the positive shifts in my pelvis, legs, etc. which has resulted in the most balanced walk I have ever had. Time with Carol and my horses has also allowed me to tap into the spiritual and emotional issues that arise when I ride and she is skilled in helping relieve blockages in the body you did not even know were there.   I love Montana and am so glad to be in this beautiful state and Carol is one of the number one reasons my life is heaven on earth. Without her guidance and wisdom, I would never have grown as an equestrian and as a person in becoming more centered and grounded and happy. Thanks Carol !!! 


When I am with the horse and I think openly and differently about something in my life, I get an immediately different response from my horse.  It often involves release of tension, stillness and a sense of greater connection and truth.  I learn that I can choose the possibility to change that situation in my life.